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Our Past

Qualtrax was founded in 1993 and became the first intranet product for supporting and maintaining regulatory requirements for document and data control. We discovered how helpful Qualtrax could be to other organizations in regulated industries when our parent company, CCS-Inc., became the first Virginia-based computer firm to achieve ISO certification in 1996.

We use our product on a daily basis for everything from our continuous improvement initiatives to human resource training, and workflows for almost anything you can imagine.

Qualtrax Europe was founded in 2014 with the vision of extending the provision of our services outside the Americas and to provide local support to our multi-national customers.

Our Present

We have adopted an agile methodology in our office. This allows us to move quickly, while still creating high quality features that people can actually use. This lets us get the product in the hands of our customers and collect feedback to make sure we’re adding value to your work day. We always want to improve so we are constantly looking at not just our product but our processes. This lets us break down walls across departments and create a serve our customers better.

We are located in Downtown Blacksburg – Home of the Virginia Tech Hokies! Our building was constructed in 1927 as a local chapter of the Hunter’s Lodge of the Masons and is part of the original 16 blocks in Blacksburg. We spent several months remodeling to create a better work and collaboration space for all of our employees, not to mention a nice place to host customers!

Qualtrax Europe is located in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, home of Bletchley Park, the site of World War II British code breaking and Colossus, the world’s first programmable electronic digital computer! Our offices are in the centre of the business district a short walk from the vibrant city centre and transport links.

Our Future

Downtown Blacksburg has become a hub of technology in Virginia and is full of liveliness and excitement. Our location lets us collaborate with other technology companies and recruit high-performing employees from nearby Virginia Tech.

These high-performers allow us to take our customers beyond compliance. Our future vision is not just to create technology, but to bridge our customers with accreditors so we are truly focused on quality and not overwhelmed by information management.

Qualtrax Europe is looking to expand its operations in line with the growth in the European market.